SVA Portfolio 36

My work along with some awesome and talented classmates has been featured in the SVA Portfolio 36.

You can see the book here 

Cover by Amber Ma and the inside pattern by Katy Stubbs

The Introduction

The pungent soup of images has become more complex, varied and overwhelming in this digital age. It is filled with so many spices and ingredients, it is really indigestible. Tumblr archives and Instagram feeds place the greatest masterpieces (usually unaccredited) cheek by jowl with snapshots of precious new kittens—no one can sense the varnish in the pixels, (it could just be the newest filter) and most people are too distracted to take notice.

Making some sense (or perhaps nonsense-sense) of all of this pictorial excess is the great challenge to our new generation of artists. By ladling from the sloppy soup they will tell us how they feel, what amuses them, and what they need to say, i.e., the truth. But very different from previous generations, the medium is not the message; the content is what is important, as jpeg stacks upon jpeg, ad infinitum.

Figurative artists, illustrators and cartoonists have always had to understand a visual language that communicates without explanation necessary. Today’s new breed must still continue that important tradition. However, the time honored “canon” has been smashed by our mobile devices, and perhaps the common somnambulistic scrolling of images has reduced our once most potent pictures to neutered pap...a tasteless and non-specific broth!

But all is not lost, if these new graduates thought deeply, as they were asked; and if they understand that those who dedicate their lives to “picture making” will always have a place of importance in an image obsessed world. They know we cannot live on “selfies” alone.

A contemporary artist is expected to be international, and not depend on an overarching style (that’s seen as a tad sad nowadays), and most importantly, they must be flexible thinkers, and able to interpret and reflect our quicksilver (and unfortunately often superficial) world.

As you can see from these pages, the future looks bright when it comes to picture making! The skills of these young artists are honed, their voices are original and varied, and the images all speak of our very cacophonous present—while often borrowing some flavors from our collected imagistic past for added heft. I hope you enjoy leisurely looking at these pages as much as I enjoyed making their selection. We all couldn’t be prouder of this visual feast!

I would like to thank the Senior Portfolio Illustration and Cartooning faculty who helped in the selection process; Steve Brodner, Chris Buzelli, T.M. Davy, Frances Jetter, Marvin Mattelson, Keith Mayerson, David Mazzucchelli, Gary Panter, Carl Potts, Yuko Shimizu, Jillian Tamaki and Kali Ciesemier.

We also thank President David Rhodes for his vision and support of this ongoing document.


Chair, BFA Cartooning & BFA Illustration 

School of Visual Arts


Following by:

Jamie Adams

Jung Yeon An

Amanda Aponte

Nelson A. Arroyo

Aimee Brooks

Zachary Brown

Lauren Budney

Michele E. Clarlson

Vanessa Cheng

Hyelin Choi

Noel Crooks

Adar Darnov

Eros Dervishi

Marques Duggans

Stephany Dziegielewski

Emily Evanowski

Jaiquan Fayson

Yader Fonseca

Gabriel Freire

Rebecca D. George

Curtis Godino

Laura Hannema

Catherine Hom

Kevin Hong

Denise Hric

Chung Yi Huang


Hanasafiya Jones

Yog Joshi

Dana (Daeun) Jung

Hyojin Lauren Kang

Min Kyung Kang

Hey Kyung Kim (Skylar H. Kim)

Sooin Kim 

Michele Knafo

Jennifer Kostman

Anna Lam

Jack Lambert

Ellie Lee

Hyerin Lee

Sooyoung Lee

Chloe Suhyun Lim

Edward Lima

Kaylee Tzu-Chi Lin

Alice Liu

Sam Dean Lynn

Amber (Xinran) Ma 

Stefanie Masciandaro

Tyler Moritz

Sydney Newman

Krista Nichols

Dan Nicoletta

Michelle Paer

Youngeun Park

Ana T. Pimentel (Me)

Carmen pizarro

Adrien Qu

Andrea Saavedra

Nicolette Sacca

Giselle Sarmiento

Won Hyung Sohn

Dakyung Song

Katy Stubbs

Minju Sun

Yufei Sun

Wilson Tanner

William Taylor

Jonathan Tonello

Zoe Van Dijk

Peter Violini

Kurt Wandelmaier

Ding Wang

Leonard Wee

Seung Won Woo

Jamilla Wu

Dialing (Vanessa) Xu

Yangdi Xue

Shang Chi Yu

Nai Zakharia

Sophia Zdon